No Gi BJJ Houston Texas

I am recovering from a minor injury and had not trained in a week. I miss BJJ but still needed a little more time to heal. What to do. I know, have a Private with my Professor.

Today we reviewed leg attack defenses for the straight ankle, heel hook and toe hold. We did everything super slow and light as to not aggravate my injury.

I usually train Gi BJJ. However, today we trained No Gi. After reviewing the defenses and drilling on each side we went over attacks.

I’ve been attacking straight ankles a lot lately. I still have trouble breaking closed guard. Usually I don’t break the guard. My opponent opens their guard to go for a sweep or submission. I seize that opportunity to go for the straight ankle. I have not been very successful on finishing. Professor Angelus went over the details of the straight ankle. Go figure, I was missing several key details. It was great therapy to be back on the mats even for the limited Q and A review session.

No Gi BJJ Houston

  1. I am thankful for how amazing of a teacher my Professor is.
  2.  Professor is so dang handsome with his #BlueSteel model stare. I mean Professor Angelus Raymond McFarlane is really really really ridiculously good looking. 😁#BJJDentist #OldManBJJ #whatagreatideatostartBJJat40

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