Jiu Jitsu Belt Rankings

No Gi BJJ HoustonBrazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is the toughest sport I have ever done. It is both mentally and physically challenging. It is hard to adequately describe the level of intensity, conditioning and focus that BJJ requires. One testament to how challenging BJJ is that there are only 5 belts in adult BJJ. Unlike Karate or Taekwondo, achieving a new belt color in BJJ takes years of work.


White, Blue, Purple, Brown and Black

Back in High School I was an exceptional basketball player.   In my mind, I relate basketball skill levels to the different  BJJ belt colors. This easily shows non-BJJ people the huge difference in skills the BJJ belts represent.

White – Middle School Basketball Team Skill Level

Blue – High School Basketball Team Skill Level

Purple – College Basketball Team Skill Level

Brown – NBA Skill Level

Black – NBA All-star Skill Level

Ravlin BJJ with Dr. Nugent

Me bowing down to Professor Angelus after he achieved his black belt.

I am still a newbie Blue Belt.  When I roll against Purple, Brown or Black belts there is nothing but eminent death for me. The skill and knowledge gap is far to great. Nevertheless, I go out there and try my best.

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