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July 1st 2016 was my first Brazillian Jiu Jitsu class. 2,430 days latter I earned my Purple Belt on February 24th, 2023 under Professor @angelusmcfarlane. When our school has a new person doing a trial class or a fresh White Belt signs up, I always tell them awesome job for coming in. I tell them my first attempt at BJJ I sat in the car and said screw it and went home. I made it through the door the following week. Every week I’ve trained 4 to 6 hours. The only times I’ve not trained have been injuries or I was out of town. BJJ is a wild ride. The physical and mental aspect is only known by those that are on the mats. I’m honored to train at @ravlinmahouston . It’s unfortunate that I’m currently resting my worst BJJ injury (sprained left knee MCL). I SO wanted to roll after promotions. As soon as I can, I will be back on the mats trying to get better each and every day. I’ll continue to represent my School and Professor and try to help my teammates grow.


Pasadena Texas BJJ Dentist

Promotions were on September 9, 2023. I got my first strip on my Purple. The longer I am in BJJ, the more excitement I get seeing teammates earn stripes and belts. I’m 47 and will just keep showing up and try to learn and get better. If Professor @angelusmcfarlane came up to me and said there was a paper work error and I need to go back to White Belt I would say “Ok”. I would just show up next class and keep working hard. I want to keep BJJ as my lifestyle choice and will keep on showing up. Fun to see White Belts that you helped tie their belts when they first started actually stick around and EARN their Blue Belts.


And then there was another stripe on February 17, 2024.

Pasadena Texas BJJ Dentist