BJJ DENTIST – with friends like these

So there I was at Ravlin yesterday. First day back from my injury. I am lifting weights with Professor Angelus Raymond McFarlane. Professor does a Facebook live video and posts it to our Private Ravlin Page. Professor is filming me lifting and says “Michael Nugent is coming for all you blue belts. Ki Martin, Michael is coming for you.” I then say on camera “Ki, let the record show I did not say anything”.

Pasadena Texas Dentist Nugent

Then as is the case, my loyal team starts posting how I am going to tap out Brown Belt Coach Ki. Everything snowballed and I am now in fear of my life. Charlton and John were the chief instigators that plotted my doom. So today before class I thought I would go purchase Ki “The Merciful” some flowers. I found some lovely flowers that matched the handsome color of Ki’s flowing red hair.

BJJ Dentist Pasadena Texas

For some reason, Ki did not like my flowers. I had to leave the flowers on his gym bag. BUT after fundamentals class I reminded Ki to put the flowers in water when he gets home. He said he would.

The RAVLIN BJJ team is awesome. We are always joking with each other and their is an incredible camaraderie. If you are looking to take Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I would encourage you to come check out our awesome team.

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