BJJ Journey

Dr Michael Nugent BJJ Dentist in Pasadena TexasBJJ Journey

July 1, 2016 my first BJJ class.

March 29, 2017 my first stripe on my White Belt

April 8, 2017 my first BJJ Tournament – Third Place out of Three Competitors

September 13, 2017 my second stripe on my White Belt

April 14, 2018 Battle of H-Town – First Place out of Four Competitors

April 25, 2018 received my Blue Belt

November 23, 2019 first stripe on my Blue Belt

May 1, 2021 second place out of Two Competitors. I had to fight the same guy three times. Won the first match on points. Got submitted the next two matches.

May 22, 2021 second stripe on my Blue Belt

October 13, 2021 third stripe on my Blue Belt

April 23, 2022 fourth strip on my Blue Belt

Ravlin BJJ with Dr. Nugent

February 24, 2023 received my Purple Belt

Pasadena Texas Dentist Purple Belt BJJ

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